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Dandelion Tea Benefits - Nutrition and More

Many of the plants that we overlook today were actually prized centuries ago for their curative properties and health benefits. As modern medicine continued to amaze and cure numerous problems, these natural remedies were forgotten. But today natural medicine is making a return to popularity due in large part to its safety and affordability. While there is no replacing what modern medical techniques can do, natural supplements can work to help prevent illness, provide nutrients, and even combat certain medical problems.* One of the most common and overlooked natural remedies is dandelion tea.* Dandelions grow almost everywhere, and have a host of benefits to offer us.

Digestive Aid*

Dandelions have been used as medicine for centuries.* The Native Americans relied on them for a multitude of uses such as menstrual cramps, PMS, heartburn and indigestion, and more. Throughout the centuries dandelion tea has also been used to help with these symptoms, along with other digestive problems.* These uses are still relevant today, helping with irritable bowel syndrome and other stomach issues.* Tea that is brewed from the leaves of the dandelion plant can be used to help stimulate appetite while tea brewed from the root of this plant contains mild laxative effects that can help improve digestion as well.*

Cleanses Your Body*

Like many other natural remedies, dandelion tea can be used as a diuretic.* It is especially potent, however, and can help you lose weight during a diet due to its ability to help the body flush unneeded water from your body along with toxins, wastes, and other harmful products.* You'll lose weight and feel better thanks to this cleansing process, which can also have a profound impact on other organs such as your kidneys and liver.* By removing water and waste and providing nutrients and energy, dandelions can truly be one of your best allies when you go on a diet.*

Immunity Boost*

Cold and flu season coming around? Then it may be a great time to start drinking dandelion tea regularly.* Brewed dandelion leaves, flowers, and roots all contain constituents which can help stimulate and improve the immune system overall.* In addition, drinking a hot brew of dandelion tea can help reduce inflammation due to natural anti-inflammatory properties that are present naturally in this versatile plant.*

From cramps and indigestion to weight loss, dandelions can offer many surprising benefits for such an overlooked and often hated plant.* Dandelions are one of the most common plants in existence, and almost every lawn has a few here and there. They're often thought of as weeds, however, and destroyed outright in a quest to have the perfect lawn. The next time you spot some around your home, consider reaching for the teapot instead of the weed killer. It's a great way to try out dandelion tea for no cost, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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Drinking dandelion tea regularly can help strengthen your body and provide you with a good number of benefits that may help improve your overall lifestyle.