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Dandelion Tea & Leukemia

Dandelion tea may be significantly useful in aiding those who suffer from leukemia.* Dandelion tea made from the roots or leaves of this commonly discarded weed can help with the detoxification of the body.* Tea made from dandelion is also rich in antioxidants which may help to prevent oxidative damage to the body.*Additionally, dandelion tea can help reduce pain and inflammation which is a common symptom that affects those that suffer from leukemia.*

Overview of Leukemia

Leukemia is a disease that affects the blood cells by causing the blood marrow to produce abnormal white blood cells which are referred to as leukemia cells. As this disease progresses, leukemia cells can outnumber normal blood cells which causes complications such as anemia, bleeding, swelling, pain, and infections. The cause of leukemia remains unknown, however there are several known risk factors which can increase the chances of developing leukemia such as exposure to radiation, genetic problems, smoke, and certain chemicals. Some of the most common symptoms of leukemia include: joint pains, bruising easily, headaches, fever, infections, fatigue, lack of appetite, and weight loss.

Using Dandelion Tea

If you are looking for a tea that can help you detoxify your body, boost your immune system, and ease inflammation, dandelion tea would definitely be in your best interest to try.* Dandelion tea is excellent for toning and supplementing the function of your liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen and stomach.* Limited research has shown that drinking this tea regularly may also help to fight off certain diseases such as leukemia by helping to strengthen and heal the body.*Aside from antioxidants, this tea also contains flavonoids, minerals, vitamins, and other constituents which can be supportive for the body when ingested regularly.

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Limited research has uncovered that dandelion tea may be useful in helping those who suffer from symptoms of leukemia.*